Biohacken is parasitizing on yourself or others

Yet another hype that is applied in blind faith by followers without any thought to the consequences.

They believe that they can free themselves with it and become more aware, but as I look at it, they believe in something without knowing. As with previous hypes (landmark, avatar, lsd, drugs) they believe that they can with their invention become more aware can liberate themselves. They think they can stretch the limits of human capacity at a time when arguably mankind in all his features is degenerating.

They do this by, for example, by experimenting with their bodies. Introducing electronics to their body, lying down in certain liquids, swallowing supplements without being measured by whether they are harmful or necessary for your body, grafting with unknown substances because you believe that it might make them better or they affect their surroundings so that they can function optimally.

Currents within biohacking have names like: biopunk, transhumanism or techno-progressivism, DNA hacking, 3D bioprinting, DIY Grinding (implanting chips in your body), synthetic biology, hacking themselves, epigenetics and genetic modification.

The objective to be achieved in their eyes is possible to live hundreds of years, increasing the mental,  cognitive, emotional and spiritual capabilities and improving movements, being happy and to come to transhumanism.

That they actually parasitize on their own bodies and very quickly will mature to degeneration in this hype has not yet penetrated to their mind. That they knowingly exploit others (parasites) in order for them to function optimally is even more serious. Their followers are naive people who believe in the next hype.

This hype is caused by lack of inner awareness and having a big ego. As a consequence they figure out their idea without any insight into the history of life as we know it from physics, biology or quantum physics. Thus, it is an almost entirely a lack of consciousness on physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level and witnessed a group of people who are beginners on Earth in a human form. A heavy and long way ahead awaits them as everything still has to be learned  because they have lack of learning while history has proved many times what the leather money is.

Pauline Laumans

Holistic therapist and live coach



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