just drop it society

Unfortunately, many people have become careless. Without thinking (without any form of grounding or being earthy) they leave their empty can or food rest on the street or throw it in the water or they throw it out of the car.

It results in poisoned water and we pay heavily for the treatment plants to make decent drinking water out the pollute water.
We eat and breath plastic just like animals and die as a result.
That all water from broke to oceans is full of waste and that if animals are near it the they suffocate and dye a terrible death as it is has no nutritional value.
But we do this not only to animals but also to our own specie and ourselves.

If you look energetically to such people you will see that they often are only at the beginning of their life cycle on Earth, they are unscrupulous, self-centered or a macho (macho outer appearance by lack of inner power) or show resistance behavior as they are angry at the many “you should not” of our Calvinistic society and does denying why certain rules are necessary in order to have a Livable earth for everyone.

Besides, ignoring earthly precepts also has impact on the cosmic laws of nature. After all as above so below and if you can fairly good listen to the earthly precepts, the port on the other side opens and more consciousness becomes your part.

Pauline Laumans

Holistic therapist and life coach





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