Parasitic behavior is approaching its climax part 1.

The parasitic behavior is still increasing. In the movie “The Matrix” ever referred to as the virus Mr. Smith that became stuck by the Egyptian pyramid thinking and acting. Once it has started as when I have a little bit more than you I can control you, and I am also more important. This form of vanity, egocentrism and greed we know very well. All denominations and religions are risen in this construction. They are not alone, also governments are currently working angrily. You wonder where in the world there is still a form of democracy. Or is there secretly a form of dictatorship imposed on us? Also in so-called spiritual circles they sometimes act with (unconsciously) along with the pyramid system of oppression because they do not look any further than their nose is long (merkabah, pleiades, Reiki, etc.) or not being able to see through it because they never learned to communicate with the energy.

Also in business, we know this parasitic form very well. Because you need to belong to the core of the company if you want to be a member. A regular employee does not count anymore. If you are active in a major political party, member of the board or of the supervisory board you become well established in the “old boys network” (ladies and gentlemen) and you can job-hop without the necessity to apply for a position. Or you have caused damage somewhere during your active years does not count, only being a member of this inner circle counts. Suddenly they can ask you to go somewhere to take part in another supervisory or administrative position (in addition to all the other paid features) or you will be asked for a post in the politics at home or abroad. Some people are by nature fit for such a position, but many of them fall within the Peter’s Principle frame. What so much is as risen as a result of lack of weight. It means that if you are in the network and join them then you rise, whether you have the competencies or not. They keep each other in the saddle whether you fit or not.

Due to our blinded look after World War II with regard to Great Britain and the United States we all copied their habits whether they are good or bad. That the philosophy of these countries is completely based on the Egyptian pyramid thinking we take for granted. That we are being fleeced by these parasites that doesn’t bother us until our wallet is empty. By each computer use, acquisition (by which the product falls in American hands and the original company remains empty handed), or American company with which we do business or use a product of them (such as Starbucks, Amazon, Staples, Macdonald, Burger King, Pizza Hut, DunkinDonuts) we allow them to suck us out. In those countries they invest their money in another company and start to suck out even more money from overseas citizens or by enemy acquisitions they kill successful companies elsewhere. It makes some Ceo’s and shareholders rich but most people become poorer and poorer.

This Top Down thinking and acting has had its day. After all, the world is going to a dead end and sometime this century will the tipping point be reached where people no longer want to be fleeced by parasites but want to be treated on the basis of equality. That is the horizontal thinking and acting. I can do something or make something and ask in return a reasonable price. This also means that if someone can entertain well, or play soccer well for a large public they get a normal fee and no more millions per month or year. After all that person does like each of us just his job. The same counts for leadership. That there is some nuance in the different levels of payment is okay but never more than a few scales. So no tens of thousands of euros to millions per month where another with hard labor deserves only two thousand euros a month before taxes.

The pyramid thinking and acting brings people only greed, jealousy and revenge what keeps us trapped on Earth. It does not lead to greater awareness and Liberation of the Earth school.
The tide returns because the old Egyptian thinking has had its day.


Pauline Laumans

Holistic Therapist

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