The difference between people, animals and plantswhen it comes to survival

Just like people animals and plants also have an afterlife.  Also, they have a form of consciousness. Their form of consciousness and communication is different from that of man and not comparable.
We, as people willing to communicate with animals and plants have to communicate at energy level which can be trained for several decades in the Netherlands. If you communicate this way you communicate in an equipollent way with others, even with your fellow man.

Also, animals learn from their mistakes and of errors of their congener. Also, there are animals that adapt to the human way of life. But much more important is the fact that animals have the ability to altruistic sacrifice themselves for the benefice of the group if that is of higher interest. On the other hand, man wallow in pathetic action. Therefore, they maintain their disease and let others pay for it. Such a disease they even pass on to future generations. Where was their responsibility?
In other words, animals which have hardly contact with people live a natural life and keep their type of species strong and are aware of why they live and adapt to changing circumstances. Man has lost his touch in many centuries with the way of natural life only a few exceptions still can.

Plants and animals communicate with energy (temperature, light, sound, color) and know how to grow, how they have to cooperate with other species, migrate or die. That’s not pathetic like humans would say if another person dies. Nature (energy) regulates that kind of business itself. If an animal is hungry and cannot find nothing more or is sick then they go to a quit space and simply take their destiny for granted. Humans therefore cannot accept their destiny as they are not willing to become acquainted with their inner Self and thus degenerate already for many centuries, with some exceptions.

Man who dye without knowledge of the laws of nature have to redo their earthly life over and over until they understand the difference between living alive or living death. See the book: Your Choice. Animal and plant life further in another Constitution and constellation = generating.


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