undesired parasitic aid

In the time of the sinking of Atlantis many people chose for suicide. It brought much turmoil with it which we experience to this day. Not because suicide by definition would be bad for your follow-up life but much more about what it brings about at others.

Thus unaware we live with the fear of dying or let a person dye due to suicide. Note! Known is that suicide (from self-centeredness and/or anxiety) or to life longer than one should live according to the laws of nature (also self-centeredness and/or anxiety) means you are blocking your life cycle and need to start all over again (many lifetimes).

This fear of allowing to dye or dying means that we start to feed and cool elder people who otherwise with hot weather would not drink and eat and fall asleep. This is not a good idea as it can also mean a very friendly death for those older fellow human beings.

It is also the case if for several days we do not hear a life sign from a family member or someone in the street and we force ourselves in their house (with or without the help of police) because we want to know how someone is doing. It can be a form of unwanted aid because if this person has decided that if he ever falls or he himself can no longer save himself he wants to dye in his own house without being “rescued”.  A very natural way what “present society” prevents and thus will such a person “be rescued” and put in a care home where this person then may languish for a few more years. Such a person never wanted this to happen but is forced to it by health care providers.

Is this care based on the knowledge of the laws of nature?

Many people in a care – or nursing home prefer death rather yesterday than over so many years. They hate the idea that they are forced to do what the health care provider tells them to do. Any right to self-determination is taken away from them.

Note! Of course there are many people who want to be kept alive by all means and then this choice of them must be respected. However, the majority does not respect the wish of those humans who want to late nature takes its course and dye in a natural way.


Pauline Laumans

Holistic Therapist and Life Coach 



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