The parasitic behavior is approaching its climax part 2.

Many ordinary people are a bit fed up with being picked from all sides. Often, for a long time they are under pressure from others (and of themselves without realizing it). Through the use of Social Media they are at last in the opportunity to spray their grams. In former days you had no platform because you had to be a member of an important club or to hold a hierarchical position in order for some people to hear what you wanted to say. In order to reach a greater audience it was necessary to acquire a particular status or obtaining that platform through the “old boys network”.

 Now it is very easy for you to share your opinion with a large group of people. You only need a smart phone or a computer and you can you proclaim to the world whatever you want. That is a great thought, were it not that many as soon as they find something of this outer world they send a message right away, without thinking it over or without checking whether it is true.

 Also all moral values and standards are now turned loose. The consequence is that there is teasing, accusing, convicting (that can only be a judge), nailing to the pillory, fake messages and hypes send in order to gain money or respect. Not only naïve and ordinary citizens act this way but also being kicked upstairs people who are too long in the media, politics or business and are overtaken by pride. Even more worse is it when companies or Government spread a hype around their product through the media. They do this especially if there has just happened something in the world whereby citizens have become unstable. And no only the Russians act this way but especially your own government! They hope you buy their product or to push through a new law.

If a naïve person next in line sees this message and experiences it as okay and start to LIKE it or FORWARD it a GREAT PARASITE can arise which causes a lot of damage to other persons or a product.

Examples are:
• Clothing or behavior of people of the Royal family here or elsewhere
• Yvonne Jaspers is suddenly put under the magnifying glass
• The possible murderer of Nicky Verstappen already publicly lynched with words, while it is still to be proven and only then can he be condemned by the Court
• Barbie
• Postal workers who become blackened because they have to deliver the package quickly as they have got limited time or get too low paid. This is all due to the fact that you and me no longer go to the store but let the goods deliver at home and return them again and actually do not wish to pay enough for it
• Armenian children Lili and Howick
• Miss the prize at the lottery
• Car accident against a tree and immediately diving into the “risk rule reflex” and thus the government is cutting the tree instead of looking what is happening
• Product promotion such as drinks, snacks or medications that turn out not to be good a few years later (=hype)
• Etc. Etc.

In fact, everyone can sit on the Chair of another person and believes without (substantive) knowledge of business to be able to speak.

But by supporting each other (like) or spreading the messages, we as ordinary people have a say. We have become a GREAT PARASITE. Ultimately we parasitize on our fellow men and on ourselves. And yes, the Dutch are known for their gullibility, turn our head away as they want to proceed with the hype in order to be liked and belong to the group. We put ourselves caught

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