From noble animal to slave

Do you remember the time that we called a horse a noble animal? An animal which has been cherished for centuries.

But even though we call it a noble animal, the horse is increasingly mistreated. Many horses are no more allowed to live a natural way. They are locked up whole day in a box or on a deserted place all by themselves without being able to play with other horses. A horse normally lives in a herd but many horses are just by themselves. Another mistreat that they become covered up with a blanket winter and summer.
Why does that happen?
Well because the drivers prefer to have a horse with summer hair in order for him to use the horse as with long and thick hair it becomes a trouble. To prevent that the horse gets a blanket. But during winter time the horse suffers.

However, a horse living under natural conditions also during winter time may build resilience and will benefit from microbes that live on Earth and plants and interact with organisms which keep the horse healthy and vital (generate).
Only horses with blankets to degenerate.

If a horse is meant for the competitive sports then it has to endure violent and heavy handed treatment. There is no such a thing as a Horse Whisperer who communicates with the animal and prepares it for the sport. No, the horse gets a halter and is tied stuck to a wall where it rejects this treatment and wants to get off and thus bucks. As soon as the horse becomes too tired he is place before a cart must start walking. The humans observe whether he is fit for jumping or another branch of sport. If this is not the case he will be sold to a private person or goes to a slaughter house.
In fact, this is a way to enslave a horse. The own will of the horse becomes broken.

The horse is no longer noble but has become a SLAVE to man who wants to have a pleasure or wants to make money (ego, greed, vanity).


Pauline Laumans

Holistic therapist and Life coach

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Environmental crime

You probably have heard of the climate agreement and the need for this. That need is there as most animals and plants are going extinct, less oxygen is present and more CO2 and we become slowly poisoned until we suffocate. In addition, the pollution has a very large impact on our well-being and food production.

 The Government spends a lot of money on all kinds of issues but does not allow us to criticize the bad outcome of the spending of all that money. After all in surrounding countries the tax burden is often less and business better.

 So, for example, to save money our Government has figured out that the Forestry Commission should be independent (ZBO). This resulted in the fact that the Forestry Commission no longer respects the forest (a healthy forest is not neat and can take care of themselves) but has become a production forest. Healthy trees that inhale lots of CO2 and give lots of O2 are cut down because there is money to be earned. They could also be able to earn money with tea houses, forest walks or play and education possibilities. But no they have figured out that the forest needs clearing places and other fallacies.

 Do they know that production forests fall prey to diseases and pests and dislodge animals? Where ever man sticks out his hand the natural balance gets off.

 In fact, it is environmental crime.

And they are not the only ones. Also the Department of public works, provinces and municipalities have all sorts of fallacies figured out why healthy trees need to be pruned or cut down.

 I still hear the Government calling that there are many trees and shrubs to be planted to achieve the environmental objectives and against particulates.
But do you hear any political party now that the trees become everywhere drastically cut down and pruned?

Cannot they think integral? As even at building houses, the construction of ponds or roads trees and shrubs need to be included in the plan to maintain viability (shelter, less heat, less flooding, less wind, space for animals and less crime, more well-being)

 Pauline Laumans

Holistic Therapist and Life coach



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Lack of economic integrity

If you are a writer you also might have written a book. Writing a book takes often more than a year. You like to share the content of that book and thus you have to publish it but that is another big effort and at a high cost. Not only because many people suffer from degeneration and hardly can read anymore but mainly because of the publisher and distributor who wants to profit from your effort and ideas.

 In order to get €1 per sold book the market price often needs to be €25. €24 is for the publisher, printer and distributor. Mainly the distributors asks a high price for their automatized distribution network but they have not paid any effort in your book. They only put it on their website against a huge price as they have a monopoly position. The following who obtains a big share is the printer but if he does not a proper job the book will not be readable. Both exploit the creator, the writer. In a more equal share they (mainly the distributors) should lower their profit margins as they hardly put any effort to sell your book other than put it on their website and become paid authomatically.

 The author has to provide a lot of content, has to pay an editor, has to writ a press note in an attempt to become noticed by the media, has to go to bookstores, give lectures and all kinds of other marketing skills. This is even when you have found a publisher.

 In our present society it is not about if you have written a good book with interesting content that might contribute to enrich many lives, no it is all about the business model. Which is if you are well known, and if the publisher, printer and distributor can make a huge profit. In other words it is about greed. And this greed is the pitfall. Notice that f.e. That the CEO of Amazon is one of the most ridge persons in the whole world, because he has become paid by all citizens in the world. It is the pyramid system explained in the former article at the bottom.

 The question is where do you stand and what is your choice? Where is economic integrity?  How are you and many others under this economic inequality? How well founded are you? Belongs this abuse to your life theme? Do we want to continue this ancient Egyptian (religion) pyramid in the future? Or do we want to become a more integer society where we share what we have to offer and get an equal share of something else in return?

 Pauline Laumans

Holistic therapist and Life coach


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Living on the energy of others

Previously I have written how other people and organizations are parasitizing on you or me. These people or organizations want your energy and ideas but not give you a penny. Furthermore they want you to bleed as they want to generate huge profits. Even when you have little income they take a part from that as well as if we do not pay enough taxes.


There are people who like to be near more conscious people in an attempt to refill their own energy by taking it away from you. It happens in a large crowd or in public transport.


As a therapist insurance companies are parasitizing on you as well as by all kinds of organizations to whom  you have to obey and pay a yearly contribution of several hundreds of euro’s all this for the customer who beliefs you are a sound therapist and they get some money back from their insurance company when they visit you. This is ill thinking as the therapist who work this way will ask a higher price in order to cover the costs. To be a member of an organization has hardly any meaning other than a nurse or doctors registration (in the Netherlands the BIG register) as they are controlled by law. Also customer has to pay an extra fee to the insurance company in order to be able to get some refund. For many it would be cheaper to just pay the price of the therapist. Additionally, they can also choose amongst much more therapists and have probably a better fit.


Another group of parasites are the controlling parties or disputes commissions. For example there are in the chicken sector around 10 organizations that need to be paid. Therefor the cost of any chicken product is higher than really necessary. Also due to the transport sector and the shopkeepers. What remains is for the farmer and he wants his share so the chicken has to suffer.

This is so for any specie we humans like to eat.


In health care there are also parasites but in their own specific way. Care takers who think for their patients and force them to obey or patients with one defect but still able to do some things themselves who refuse to do so as they want to sit on the throne and become served.  

Or patients who do not want to accept their illness and their impending death. In other words they do not accept and acknowledge their life theme and refuse to act accordingly. Their last years they use ( demand) all energy from visitors and care takers. Thus children and others have to visit them and have to find the patient pathetic.


These are some daily phenomena of parasitic behavior. The origin for such behavior lies in religion. It is the message that only someone higher in hierarchy can help you, know the answer. They demand that you think that you cannot rethink, or can obtain deep insight.

So do not give up your own energy, your own inner wisdom!


Pauline Laumans

Holistic therapist and life coach

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Loneliness contemporary disease

Loneliness illmaking or healthy behavior?

Yes, loneliness is often an ill making disease. Why? The answer lies in the fact that many people no longer learn during their lives how to live consciously and how to live your own life. Also they have not learned to handle a loss, or a setback but demand immediately whatever they desire and oh what a suffer they have to endure. When they are not taught how to look in the mirror and just have people around them that strengthen them in this behaviour or find them pathetic, then it degenerates in very sickly behaviour.

There is also the life aspect to teach yourself the reality or in other words said, to realise yourself. This means to become familiar with your inner self and how to follow the path of your soul. That has been written in all holy books, however most do not have a clou how to practise it in reality.

But yes, that path is difficult as nowadays many consider this path as ridiculous or they do not know a person who can help them. That’s strange as since 1980 there are institutes who train people on a high level to live from your essence (communicate with the energy present) and support them on the level of their soul. No religion can impersonate them.

What is healthy loneliness?

So is loneliness both one as well as being together with your inner self. It’s a togetherness, a connection, between your outer and your inner You. Or in other words between who you think you are and your inner self. You are never alone, you are always togethervwith your inner Self, but also with your guide who sits on your right shoulder when in need of him. This inner deep power of you shows you the path to take and assist you in difficult times. The only thing you need to do is to reconnect with your Self yourself to discover, and to dismantle learned behavior.

The man who sleeps (who has not learned to live) will find himself pathetic if many people around him leave him because they die or no longer come around. Each person must learn to become one with himself, and become a hermit. Possibly you are then accompanied by many hermits while living in a nursing home or in the city. A hermit knows his role and is together with his inner Self. The silence makes that he can do a lot of inner work which he cannot do when surrounded by people or noise. This inner work increases his inner learning and is necessary to volbrengen his path of life on Earth.

What is morbid loneliness?

Morbid loneliness is self-pity of those who still have to learn what life is about. In this long-lasting process they can be supported by the homeopathic medicine aurum or phosphoricum. Any recovery takes place when you work on all four levels tonrestore your balance. Those four levels are: your body, your mind, your emotions and inner awareness (spirituality). This unbalance is part of the main sin jealousy and your will to fill your inner emptiness as you have still not yet found your inner Self and thus younwant to fill this loneliness with the energy of others in order to get satisfaction. This is creating negative karma.

How to proceed is described in the book: Freedom in Relationships; have the right Identification. A book with practice and deepening.

Once you dare TO BE in healthy loneliness, this main sin ketst af op de ziele trilling as you gained inner knowledge and achieved a higher vibration.

So, loneliness is self-pity of them that still need to learn what life means. They can be with the homeopathic remedy supports aurum phosphoricum, for some it may provide a solution. Recovery is bad place if you’re on four levels working on your imbalance. Those levels are your body, your mind, your emotions and inner mental awareness (spirituality)? It is also part of a cardinal sin jealousy. They search therefore to gratification. Only when they dare to be in solitude, Ricochets off this cardinal sin on the defunct vibration because this man has become and point to a higher vibration.

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Parts of animals not medicinal for humans

Although there has been education for centuries, humans have still lack of wisdom. Especially on inner knowing there is shortage. Perhaps by brainwashing of dictatorial regimes and religion humans got distinct form our terrestrial basis and origin. Humans no longer feel, experience, reflect or think, reflect, think through.

In particular religion figured out that we can use animals and above all abuses them. It is a form of religion to say that parts of animals, such as horns, body fluids or skin, bones and organs could heal the man, make us healthy once more or protect us.
Only sense the connectedness with the surrounding environment and from there lash out insight and knowledge by observing an comprehending life around you we become terrestrial and can restart the homeostasis (self-healing ability).

Then you look to the power of an animal and you will discover how you too can stand in your power. You discover the competence of a monkey and you discover how you can improve your agility. You will experience how an animal can smell water and you realize that you could as well, but that you lost this inner skill due to religion and now with a lot of effort and years of intensive intuitive training maybe you regain these skills once more.
There are some examples but there are of course innumerable examples.
Unfortunately, due to religion humans started to believe in a priest, a government, a higher person in command and forgot about their personal abilities and aim in life. They started alike the pyramid construction with greed and repression. Due to this humans degenerate physically and become mentally dumber and turn off their feelings, instinct and intuition and act only according to learned cognitive issues. Humans no longer know their origin nor their aim. Humans start acting like robots that learn a trick and execute it without rethinking it over and thus abuse other humans but also animals, plants and whatever there is in their environment.
Many humans nowadays lack inner knowledge, inner strength, self-knowledge and thus do not understand what LIFE is about.
What rests is macho behavior. Thus they attack others, show off, oppress, abuse and act extremely ignorant as for many centuries humans have degenerated due to religion (pyramid system) in whatever form.
We have forgotten that we can be healthy and strong and complete and that it is to be found within us (inner knowledge, inner awareness, homeostasis) and not in the world around us.
So train your intuition in a well-known training institution in order to start to regain your Self. Go to therapists that help you heal energetically in order to regain your homeostasis.

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Are humans intelligent?

Humans always feel exalted about our fellow man, about animals, about plants, in respect of matter and all other life on earth or beyond. Are humans the dumbest being on earth as we as such became self-destructive?

Did it hit you that as a result we degenerate en mass and kill every  tree and plant that can heal us, we manipulate plants and thus they can only fill us but no longer feed us. We talk about green thinking and acting. For some it is only an acquired skill they show by putting the glass in the glass container, papers in the paper container, cloths in the cloth container etc. but the essence is often not understood.

With high speed humans evolve plans and start actions while they assume they benefit but they lack any deep inner understanding of life and the meaning of life. As a result life is degenerating even faster and mire animals and plants die because the animal “human” is getting dumber and acting egocentric and destructive. Most humans have become  naïve, egocentric and less conscious. This in contrary to other species who developed further and increased and have sometimes even more conscious awareness than humans.

However, the unconscious humans do not want to know the truth. Consciousness means being responsible for your own life, behavior, thoughts and deeds. In ancient times even humans were altruistic now it are mainly other species who act altruistic (For the benefit of a greater good).

Humans who are walking a blind alley continue walking even when they know it is wrong. Naïve living humans think the world is made for him instead of awareness to learn from the surrounding world and that it is all about detaching. And mainly of our ego.

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Danger of avoiding conflicts

The danger of not expressing yourself is mainly based on fear as a result of not being enough grounded and a bad function of your kidneys. As a result you avoid conflicts.

Handling a conflict  by saying what you see, saying what you want although you know the other does not like what you are going to tell him or when you are afraid that the other persons will not like you anymore afterwards or that your boss might dismiss you, all these are in no comparison to your self destructing program you start when not expressing yourself, not handling a (supposed) conflict.  It doesn’t always mean that you’re right but at least you should be able to start the discussion about what you are experiencing and feeling. Unfortunately, we all desire to be liked or belonging to a group. As a result you tend to not saying what you feel or think. You talk with the group, the family where you originate from or the local local community.

As such you are not expressing who you really are and cannot give in to what you came here on earth to do this lifetime. Especially in more remote areas where people are very close and depend on each other. Often inbreeding has taken place in such remote areas as they marry a local person or a person from a neighboring  village and as such create a new person in the same gene pool. With often degenerating results physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. What is expressed in more ignorance, unconsciousness and less alertness. In such areas they are less used to act independently from the group, to stand on you own feet and walk with your own shoes. So instead of acting independently and standing in your own grounding you act from that dependency of whatever group. In fact you act nicely and put on a clowns mask in order to remain a welcome member of the group. It shows a disturbed heart area (yin organ of the hearth).




















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Handling depression

Depression is a State where you have consumed a lot of energy for a very long time. It makes you run out, or have had a burn-out. In any case you arrived at the end of your abilities. Everything is black around you. Life has become colorless and you see no way out. You can go to the doctor, the psychologist or psychiatrist in the hope they have a cure.

That you have used a lot of energy is because you have no knowledge of dealing with your emotions. For too long have you been ignorant how you should deal with some or all of the emotions. Wrongly dealing with emotions means that you hold on to the emotion. It means that you are not or hardly talking about, for example, you do not shout while driving the car on the highway, you do not hit the table with your fist, you do not Ram the door, you do not let go of your tears, you do not roar with laughter, you do not express your romantic feelings or shout it from the rooftops, you do not allow you to let go sexually.

An emotion is a signal of your body what you must experience physically. It says attention! So feel the pain or grief, feel the joy or romantic love. Realize that you have an emotion: “I have an emotion”. Feel where in the body the emotion hits you. Then you can get to action or an act. By experienced it there it can no longer nestle itself and you can just let go of this emotion.

As soon as make a mental story of it for example by repeatedly talking about it, your basic needs are no longer met. Because you have parked (nestled) your emotions, they embed themselves in your body and mind. You become carried away by your emotions. Your energy systems (chakras and yin organs) become blocked. Within several months or years you have will hit a heavy depression.

The deeper cause of depression is not knowing how to deal with your emotions. Sometimes there is also talk of an intoxication (environment, food, medication, vaccination, pathogens),

When handling emotions well, order your consciousness, balance your consciousness (meditation, Self-Realization) with your beliefs you can better handle your emotions, it makes you stronger and resilient to intoxicating factors.

So help yourself and your descendants to handle with emotions.



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Passing the Ring of Saturn, now is the time Pauline Laumans

You know probably the year 1953. This year there was a great flood in Zealand (Netherlands) where many people drowned including myself. The story what matters is about believers who wanted remaining on top of their roof waiting for God to rescue them. There passed many boats with enough space aboard to bring them to dry soils. But despite that the water continued rising they persisted in waiting for God to rescue them. After their death they knocked on the Pearly Gates but were not allowed in because God had sent many helpers but they rejected them.

Repeatedly the same thing continues to happen. People who realize that we are on the eve of great changes. They appoint that live becomes splendid and much love will be around. And of course to reach that state you don’t have to do anything just wait. As if there is an existing God who just gives everything for free. So you don’t have to do anything to move to a next class, you just can walk and skip steps, because God is love. That’s the story of people from the first development stages on Earth.

People who have become more aware know the way of breaking through the glass ceiling of the fourfold path from “unconsciously incompetent and consciously competent” and continue to the five-fold path the “Pico consciousness”. Here they gain knowledge and insight. In the six-fold path askes to release the fear from your legs and feet. Next you choose between going back or moving forward to the sevenfold path and be aware of the mind and spirit within you. You now know that you are in an union with all that is. It requires a large painful sacrifice to let go of what no longer fits and continue. This is also called your personal Stations of the Cross. What does not fit are all old jackets, your past, your ego, old emotions, fanaticism, imagination, deceptive manoeuvre’s, masquerades, and the wrong identification. (see also the book “Freedom in relationships: having the right Identification”).

Next comes the leap in the dark in order to move forward. It is the Ring of Saturn you must pass and courage is needed. If you are not ready for it you fall prey to the many parasites ((human) creatures with and without body). After all, in each stage the group force is high and tries to dissuade you of your path to the LIGHT. Opponents ignore you or stop you dead. Knowing Persons illuminate Freedoms and Truths although it is often “pearls for swines”.

Succeeding passing the Ring of Saturn means leaving behind all those who are in the Tala. You are still sometimes in their group, but will never be one of their group as you can no longer be with a mask or in a play. If you still like to flee in masquerades, excuses, reasoning, apologies and play you become blocked and return to a no man’s land of suffering and ignorance.

To continue you the proper identification is required (see the book above) and then you experience the reward and you see the beauty that lies ahead. You feel you’re connected with the light that you desire. If all is well you have a supporter on your way or you can get the help of someone who knows the path. Because no one who enters this path together will fail or be lost! Even in the Loka phases are disappointments and bitter experiences. The further get and the brighter you become the more you are attacked by creatures that wants to keep the light from you and for you to fall back to the darkness (the groups force).

Purposeful you go further and let all religion behind. After many phases you have tasted all religions. They can’t help any further. The higher trails are invisible. Only a few have walked and described them.

Only those who have made great progress on the path will enter those wonderful new loving world. So it goes each time at the end of a cycle. A final phase (cycle) began at the end of 1970 and lasts up to about 2050. A final phase also includes a kind of Big Flood in order to separate the wheat from the chaff and one group to provide transit and the others give a chance to start afresh to discover the path. So don’t become distracted from your path through the increasing power of the dark and those who still stay in the Tala phases, but continue in the Loka phases.

All phases are described in the book “from Tadpole to Prince: to Mega Awareness in 2016”

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