The books are about the essence, the reality of life. We describe pointers in order to:

  • balance
  • understand paradoxes
  • step out vicious circles and move towards higher frequencies on your life path.

The books we have written are:

"Freedom in Relationships. Have the right Identification"

This book is about the road to discover what Life means. Read more...

"Your Choice. Living Alive or Living Dead"

This book is about what supports or blocks you on this road. Read more...

"Karmic Reflections. Talking with Men and Nature.

This book provides reality examples of daily live to help you understand your truth. Read more...

"From Tadpole to Prince. Towards Mega Conscious Awareness in 2016"

This book shows how you can become Mega Conscious Aware and what you can and must learn in the 9 levels of consciousness (of approx.14 levels) in order to achieve your goal. It describes where you are now and what can be NOW achieved on earth now that the door between two large vicious circles is open! Read more...


Further available is: Dream dictionary.

For our books we received (inter)national recommendations!

You can also order these books at Boekenroute. For these sites please click on the flag for the English language.