Endorsements Freedom in Relationships

"You have a lot of modality, a lot of energy work that you have that will be teaching. Your books will open a lot of doors".

Steve Rother, Founder Lightworker U.S. and established author.

"In a time and place were social and familiar structures are more and more fragmented, where the benchmarks for unveiling meaningful lives get buried under mountains of questionable choices and where mentors remains incongruously absent, "Freedom in Relationships “offers a remarkable road map to re-connect with our core Self. No longer we are left alone to figure out how to fix our skewed trajectory, to discover the steps of our latent emotional and spiritual journey. By developing awareness, reframing experiences, Pauline Laumans takes us on a shortcut to wellness, towards a rich and authentic spiritual life. I love the work and your approach".

Frederic Colier, Rewarded New York Filmmaker, playwright, novelist and musician.

Endorsements Your Choice

"You have a lot of modality, a lot of energy work that you have that will be teaching. Your books will open a lot of doors".

Steve Rother (founder Lightworker U.S. and established author).

"Thanks for your remarkable and recognizable life story about how a human becomes a deep and real living human. You are a very wise and mature lady. That is nice for those persons that you encounter".

Teacher Hermann Lammert (Psycho-social education Nijmegen NL).

And a wish "Good luck with your particular work"

Paul van Vliet (Unicef Ambassador)

Endorsements Karmic Reflections

"I read your stories Tumuls and Anatomical Laboratory with growing enthusiasm and feel attracted to your philosophy which is so much more real and original than what has been in ages. Lots of success with Karmic Reflections."

Dick Bruna (Author and illustrator of Miffy Books)

"While children of the Western World cherish their IPod, their cell phones and their personal room, the authors of Karmic Reflections are searching for their Inner Child that still knows spontaneity, purity and intuitive wisdom."I wanted to express the contrast between the average Westernized children and their tendency to objects and your purity that one might describe to the inner child."

Yvonne Kroonenberg (psychologist, columnist and author)

"The book "Karmic Reflections" permeated me about the real knowledge of life on earth, flea, or fly, horse or human, everything, one can only reach the essence of existence when he is entitled to his own specific individuality. That is what even I so often thwart for my own fake happiness. This book gave me the last necessary push: To overcome my keeping up appearances behavior. I start working on this today and I bet you do the same."

Helly and Martin Gaus (TV-host and dog psychologist/educationist and writer)

"Karmic Reflections tickles your sense and awakens your mind to watch, read, pay attention and be delighted!"

"The authors, well-versed and experienced Intuitives, are storytellers. They share tales of deep learning for all humanity as observers watching and recording the life and lessons of the characters in each story. This view leaves out the emotional drama of the stories and enables you to grasp the karmic lessons depicted in the character's personality patterns. You are intrigued by how the characters resolve their issues and gain awareness through life experiences as to live life to the fullest, or to bring closure to certain experiences or relationships. Other tales involve interactions with animals and you'll discover how the authors helped animals through their empathy and intuition. The author's intrigue your imagination and open your eyes to new possibilities that many human beings are living right now."

Dr. Caron Goode (Psychologist and NCC author of award-winning books U.S.)