The book reveals how to turn the ship. It gives you insight on how to set yourself free and live in harmony with all on earth, in peace and freedom. You step away from imprisonment of vicious circles.
After all, if you do not have the proper identification, but instead allow unwanted identities that are not yours to live/lead you it results in unwanted behavior, repression and wrong example behavior. You increasingly become detached from yourself. Your freedom is increasingly curtailed, without your awareness. You identify with something you are not. This leads to depressions, destructive behavior, mental and physical illnesses and makes you scared to live your life.
The book is written from a combined angle of psychology, evolution theory, religiare, quantum physics and everyday life. It is a psychological handbook, but also a book for people who want to live life. It is a book for those who no longer want to contribute to the destruction of man and their mental and physical decay.
It is written with simple words.

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