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Libertas in Vivo v.o.f. is thankful for the many reactions and references we get.

"I say Wow! I have listened again to the past consultation. It was all so recognizable and you were completely right. Everything you've said, I've experienced in my regressions with a medium, only you are able to notice deeper layers and went into the adventure. It was a confirmation. Chapeau for you and your pure knowledge. I now have so much rest in me because I now have the knowledge - feeling - where these haphazard feelings originated from. I would like to make a next appointment with you to finally take away the "incantations" out of me. You've stabilized it, but to get rid of them is better. Another tip of me is unconscious suspicion. I can now restore this very well, but it still comes around the corner as a devil coming suddenly out of the box. These themes I like to integrate with your help. You are a gift that you have come on my path and I certainly like to "use" your assistance. Let me hear on what term an appointment suits you. Once more thank you for the beautiful insights and "digestions" you gave to me. Maudy Kreminicki"

"On the site of I read a contribution from you, without date. The contribution is about intuition, breasts and sensitivity. So wonderful written and it touches me deep. Especially since I almost always walk around with sore breasts and lifelong I take care - already since my second year - for others and I am extremely tired of it. Your contribution confronted me and was very instructive. Wonderful to read, thanks for this."

"I found you at the site of Ron Fonteine. Anything you write hits me deep in my soul. I would like to ask you some questions. Before I do I like to know if there are any charges and what those charges would be. My income as a single mother is not that high. I hope this can be done via the e-mail. I look forward hearing from you, Hester"

"I was pleasantly surprised by your special lecture, really exciting and interesting. You're a no-nonsense woman with a big pair of scissors to cut the Gordian Knot and in-depth knowledge." Maudy Kreminicki

"By the same interest Pauline and I connected on LinkedIn! This enable me to attend her lecture: How to live freely NOW and untangle the Gordian Knot? It is a party to listen to her, very inspiring! I experience Pauline as a special person with a lot of 'old ' (not outdated) knowledge. She knows how to trigger you to the very core, of your Self and Life. To open your eyes and no longer live a dead life in rounds that keep us wandering in the same vicious circle of the wheel of life. Pauline is able to enable you to live in the present and remember why you got/taken this space on earth. I marvel at her inexhaustible (scientific) knowledge and I have only heard a fraction. Her realistic approach to life and her clear expression appeal to me. I am very happy that we have met!" Gitta de Vries

"Have I already thanked you for your good advice and the time and effort you spend on me? Not many people I meet on my path put that much effort in someone else. After calculating your chart and confirmation that you have completed your moon knots, I wondered: Could I call you an AVATAR (Sanskrit)?" Ruud Hollander

"Thanks for your clear and enriching lecture! Interesting and fascinating that you know how to include current news. The drawings and metaphors made the lecture colorful and easy to understand. I 'm glad I was present. Djiron can catch up some of it by the reference paper you gave." Talitha van Lissa-Oegema"

"If only I had listened to you! I think often to the words. I am now working to redesign my life after two years 'mourning' about the injustice and loss. The both of you are a golden couple" anonymous from Canada

"Dr. Robert Rose mentions: "We must form a mutual appreciation society. Seriously - Thanks and I found you to be what I call a "sweet' human being. A complete, loving person. Doc You DESERVE it. Bob